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A range with specific functions which provides evident improvements regarding to traditional products.

>> DISPER Chlorophyl GS (Vegetative development)


DISPER Chlorophyl GS is a bio-stimulant of the chlorophyll function.

DISPER Chlorophyl GS activates and accelerates the vegetative growth in the crops, achieving simultaneously a better resistance against adverse stress   conditions.
The application of DISPER Chlorophyl GS provides the plant the necessary energy to improve the yield of the crop obtaining a better quantity and quality in the final harvest.

DISPER Chlorophyl GS is one of the products on the market with a better concentration of amino acids, and formulated as granules 100 % soluble.

DISPER Chlorophyl GS is recommended at the beginning of the growth (seedling growth, budding, bloom …). It is also recommended in all the cases of vegetative delay and stress by climatologic causes: cold, frosts, hail, heat shock, damages caused by phytosanitary products...
The recommended doses are:
Pulverization: general dose, 0´3 to 0´5 g/L. Do 2 - 3 applications each 7 - 15 days, according to the phenology and the answer of the plant. In conditions of more severe stress, apply 0´75 g/L. The recovery of the green colour in the cases of stress is index of effectiveness of the product.
Fertigation: apply from 1 to 2 Kg/ha, distributed in 2-4 applications since the beginning of the crop cycle.

DISPER Chlorophyl GS is available in the following formats:
Boxes of 16 kg, with 32 packets of 500 g.
Boxes of 8 Kg, in 80 bags of 100 g.


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